Friday, February 3, 2012

Matcha Castella

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Such a simple sponge cake, and yet so tasty. I made this on wednesday morning out on a whim because who doesn't have cravings for matcha castella cake? 

Just me? 

Well then...
The weather was gloomy, so I had to turn on the putrid yellow light in the dining room. Unfortunately the cake is gone, and thus I cannot take advantage of the beautiful natural lighting today.

If you've ever made sponge cake before, this recipe should be easy to crank out, however if the method daunts you then a few tips would be to whip up the egg and sugar mixture longer than you think you really need to. I also advise keeping the bowl over the simmering pot of water while you whip. This base has to be thick and sturdy enough to withstand the flour that you are going to beat, not fold, in. Be sure to whip on the lowest setting of your mixture as well to ensure a fine crumb in the final product. I was impatient, and went straight to medium high speed, so look at those giant air bubbles! I cannot take credit for this recipe, so check it out here, and for the half of the recipe I used, I added 10 grams of matcha to the flour mixture (roughly 1 tablespoon) and cut down the honey to 1 tablespoon as well.  


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