Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smiley Oreo!

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I've been craving oreos lately, but it seemed fitting to try to attempt to make my own. This then opened up the door to create cookies that would be absolutely adorable. Initially I wanted to imprint a design on the cookies that would be quite similar to the original nabisco cookie, but while walking through the aisles of the craftstore, nothing came close. There was something better, a smilely face stamp! It seemed like the perfect plan!

While rolling these babies out my dad happened to walk by too, curious as to what I was slaving over that fine weekend afternoon. Peeking over my shoulder he began to chuckle and asked if we could actually eat them. I don't know what he was trying to imply with that remark, but before he went on his way he said they were funny and he wanted to eat right then and there.
The cookies themselves were quite tasty, but to be honest they fail as a clone of that nostalgic cookie from our memories. The cream was on par while the cookies themselves weren't that deep, chocolately, almost bitter taste that I was seeking when I decided to experiement with this recipe that seemed to get rave reviews online. If I could I think that if I had added a bit more cocoa to the dry mixture it would have been better, yet even if they're were perfect, it's hard to resist those blue packages of oreo cookies that plead for you to buy them. I can get along with my life though because these little guys were a blast to whip up and the outcome, although not what I intended for them to be, are so cute that I could care less when I dip those smiling faces into my milk... and then bite their heads off. What a cynical idea now that I think about it.

Honestly, there's also no need to post up this recipe. It basically cake mix. Just type in "oreo cookie clone" into youtube and it'll be within the first couple video results.


Hmmm, they kind of look like dog biscuits in this lighting...

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