Saturday, March 12, 2011

Apple Crispy

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3.14159... something something.  I'll just use the pi button on my calculator! It's there for a reason. Why memorize?
The reason for the grammatically challenged title was because of my mother. My sister called today and my mom was telling her about what I baked. Yes, she called my pies apple crispy O_o. Apple crispy!? I don't understand! Yes the pies have apples. Yes they are crispy. Ergo apple crispy? No, but I shall let my mother continue to describe apple pie as apple crispy. Let's keep everyone happy. 

Anyway, pi day is just around the corner. This Monday actually, and so to celebrate I made apple pie! Now the pies aren't necessarily circular, but who cares, it's PIE. 

The main reason I made these pies was to utilize some filo dough that had been sitting in the freezer since this past Christmas when I made baklava. Which by the way was tasty. It was one of the cookies I made for some friends as gifts for the holiday and although they were good I didn't want to make them again. I love trying new things. This was another one of my experimentations but luckily I used measuring devices instead of tossing in pinches and handfuls of ingredients.  Therefore my recipe should be accurate unless my memory fails me.

I liked the pies and so did my dad. Then again that doesn't say much because we both have extreme sweet tooths. Anything sweet is satisfying, however these were successful. The filling was flavorful while the filo crust was crispy. The layers of butter in between seemed to help puff up the pies because they certainly weren't as big as you see in the pictures when i popped them into the oven. However, I think I'll just stick to regular pie crust or even puff pastry because with every bite it seemed as if the filo just crumbled in its delicacy. At least it was able to sustain all the apples I shoved inside. 
My class is also having a celebration in math for pi day. We all know that's my teacher's excuse to get out of instructing a lesson and to chow down on some pie. I can't complain though. This week is going to be torture. I just finished a whole week of testing and now I have a regular school schedule before spring break. Are you serious!? It's okay though. All my teachers are getting really lazy because they could use a vacation too and they also work at a public school. There're no high expectations honestly.  

Now for the rest of the weekend I have to go study! No more kitchen time for me.


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