Monday, February 28, 2011


Pin It Welcome to Rummy Tum-Tum! Catchy isn't it? Well, it's actually derived from a hilarious line from a Target commercial I stumbled upon this past winter. Don't we all recall that crazy (that might be an understatement, so deranged perhaps) Target lady who trains for the after Christmas sale by literally becoming a shopping Olympian? Just watch the clip below to understand.
Anyway, through this blog I intend to share my passion for baking and hopefully inspire some to embark on that treacherous journey to the kitchen. I am certainly no pastry chef, but the satisfaction I attain from popping a batch of cookies into the oven is certainly an incentive to bake. My inspiration? Hmmm, now that I contemplate it I don't really know what ignited my start with baking. I can tell you though that it was kicked into hyper-drive when both of my sisters left for college and I was left alone with my parents. I had to find some way to fill in the void or else I probably would have gone insane from boredom. I'm actually surprised my family isn't obese yet considering the volume of baked goods that are produced.

I also warn you I am quite the experimenter. Baking is supposed to be fun and simple so by mingling around with the ingredients I have on hand I'm able to keep it that way. That's pretty much the excuse I've concocted that can explain and justify why going to the store to buy the proper ingredients is so strenuous and problematic for someone like myself. It seems like a hassle when I don't want to change out of my toothpaste stained pajamas or drive those daunting five blocks. I'm just that lazy.

Hopefully I can update every week with pictures. I will post whatever I bake so check often! I'll probably throw in some random bits about my personal life too when I either feel like ranting or something so interesting occurs that I feel compelled to write about it to the internet. With each new post there'll be more insight and something new to learn about me. This blog is in addition another means for me to procrastinate on studying and other things that I could be completing in a timely matter.
Just a reminder, I bake in small quantities, so my measurements may look odd. I usually make only one dozen or half a dozen of something. It's just the way I roll. Just relax and enjoy the pictures and recipes...


  1. Hi there..
    i like your blog..
    Sweet recipes with excellent pictures..
    I really like to try some of your recipe here
    Let's bake :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad that you liked my pictures! Happy baking:)


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